Shaping the Future: Designed Sustainable

Joining the Sustainable Design Movement

Ride the “going green” movement with IFFINA Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo 2024, and contribute to sustainability efforts. With IFFINA, sustainability efforts are a priority, as we are taking a day by day approach to green change, starting with showcasing the most eco-friendly innovations in the Indonesian craft and furniture industry. 

In the furniture world, many brands and companies are incorporating measures for sustainability in everything, from their raw materials to the production process. For example, a number of brands have started processing waste and recycling it to become part of their products, turning them into furniture that is long lasting and retains its aesthetics. 

The Indonesian furniture industry is no exception, as sustainability initiatives have been pushed forward to become part of furniture brands’ operations. One of the measures being implemented to ensure the sustainable management of forests is the Sistem Verifikasi Legal Kayu (SVLK) or Timber Legality Assurance Standard (TLAS), a certification that assures that the wood material is sourced legally and sustainably.

Many companies also source materials from suppliers with accreditation from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a third party certification that also ensures responsible harvesting of wood. These are just some of the methods that Indonesian furniture companies are reducing their carbon footprint. This increasing environmental awareness in the industry is one of the reasons IFFINA decided on “Sustainable by Design” as our theme for this year. By incorporating this theme into our exhibition, we hope to highlight and give a stage for brands who are innovating and investing in sustainability practices.

Floorplan IFFINA 2024

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