Meet Direct Producers: Your Gateway to Authentic Indonesian Furniture

IFFINA has always been about authenticity, about connecting buyers with producers who offer nothing less but some of the best Indonesian furniture and craft products. IFFINA 2024 is no different, as from the 14th to 17th of September, IFFINA will be hosting direct producers of authentic Indonesian furniture at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD, across 7 of the expansive 10 halls that the prestigious space has to offer.

We are estimating about 400 brands to gather at IFFINA 2024, providing a real opportunity for buyers, design practitioners, and other visitors to dive deep into the world of Indonesian furniture and craft, with some of the best craftsmanship and artistry to be found within the industry.

The potential is here in IFFINA 2024

Not only for the exhibitors but also for visitors and buyers. Authentic Indonesian furniture offers much, and IFFINA 2024 is your gateway to its world.

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