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Your Ultimate Sourcing Destination for Indonesian Furniture and More at KOFURN 2023

ASMINDO Presents IFFINA: Your Ultimate Sourcing Destination for Indonesian Furniture and More at KOFURN 2023

Seoul,24/08/2023 — ASMINDO (The Indonesian Furniture & Craft Industry Association) is thrilled to announce its participation in the prestigious KOFURN 2023 exhibition in Korea. This year, ASMINDO is set to dazzle the international stage with IFFINA, a curated multibrand platform that showcases the exceptional diversity and quality of Indonesian-made furniture, high-craft, home fabric, homeware, decorative items, gifts, along with design talents. The participation of IFFINA in KOFURN 2023 is supported by a joint collaboration between Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, In Seoul.

Becoming the Leading Sourcing Destination

Our goal for IFFINA is ambitious yet attainable—to become the leading and trusted sourcing destination for prospective buyers and hospitality projects around the world. We aspire to be recognized as trend-setters in the world of furniture design and craft, where creativity knows no bounds, and sustainability is at the forefront of our design philosophy.

Join Us at IFFINA 2023 in Indonesia

On 14-17th September, we invite you to explore the wonders of IFFINA 2023, where you can experience first hand the exquisite craftsmanship and innovation that Indonesian-made furniture, craft and products. This is your opportunity to connect with leading manufacturers, designers, and creators from Indonesia and around the world.

A new Ecosystem of Innovation and Collaboration

IFFINA marks a new era in the world of furniture and design. It is an ecosystem of supply chain sourcing where the upstream and downstream elements collaborate to share ideas, innovation, creation, for a long term improvement in the home and living space. Witness the fusion of tradition and modernity as we redefine what’s possible in the world of interiors and decor.

Event Details:
IFFINA Indonesia Meubel and Design Expo 2023
14-17 September 2023
ICE BSD, Tangerang Indonesia

Contact Information
For media inquiries, interviews, and further information about IFFINA, please contact:

Sae Tanangga Karim
+62 812 9080 0377

Arief Hadiansyah
+62 813 8282 5944


ASMINDO is an organization that gathers Indonesia’s furniture manufacturers, arts & crafts producers as well as suppliers of raw materials. Established in 1988, ASMINDO is the oldest furniture and handicraft related organization with over 2,000 members spread across 25 major areas throughout Indonesia. Its main missions are to strengthen the Indonesian furniture & handicraft industry, to push local talents & creativities, to support and enable small to medium enterprises and to proudly introduce high quality ‘Indonesian-made’ products to the world.

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