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IFFINA 2023, Hall 3 C11


We are Wisanka a furniture and home deco manufacturer which collaborates between Indonesian craftsmanship, Machinery Production, and environmentally friendly sources of materials with more than three-decade experience in the industry. As one of the Indonesian furniture manufacturers, we continuously improve our strategy to create the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing good quality products of course, and also maximizing positive impact on the environment. We conduct a series of Research, Design & Development programs to construct a business as well as products in which placing sustainability in the highest priority. The collaboration between Indonesian-selected craftsmanship, Machinery Production, and legal and eco-friendly source of material, to balance our business activities and social responsibilities.

“more than three-decade experience in the industry”

Our experience in the industry has built a strong character in sustaining and steering our business activities. We keep maintaining growth positively in a balanced business culture. Customer satisfaction is our priority and our team will happily work together with you to build a sustainable and mutual business relationship. Hard work, creativity, innovation, and continuous improvement are the values that we apply to every element of our business as well as our products and services.

In order to achieve our business success, we realize that society satisfaction should be prioritized by providing good quality products, excellent customer satisfaction, and maximizing positive impact on the environment. The strong collaboration will lead to achieve the vision.

We are looking forward to becoming your strategic business partner.

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