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IFFINA 2023, Hall 3 C06


IDEMU is a custom furniture brand presented by VIVERE that caters to the custom furniture needs for homes and apartments. IDEMU offers solutions to optimize and utilize space in houses by providing functional and maximal furniture options. They offer a range of products including kitchen sets, master bedrooms, kids bedrooms, living rooms, wall cabinets, wardrobes, and other components. IDEMU aims to accommodate the needs for built-in furniture with an easy, personalized, and enjoyable process.

Furthermore, IDEMU’s mission is to be present in many Indonesian households by offering custom furniture and loose furniture products. Several IDEMU products have received awards in the Indonesia Good Design Selection (IGDS) 2021, including the Shoe Cabinet, Folding Dining Table, and Tatami Bed, which were recognized as Best Design Products.

IDEMU also contributes to sustainability efforts by using eco-friendly MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) materials that are environmentally friendly. For more information about IDEMU, you can visit their website at and their Instagram page @idemu.idn.

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