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IFFINA HOSTED BUYERS is a cost effective and time-efficient way to meet top-tier FURNITURE INDUSTRY from the Asia Pacific and around the world. The be spoke program, including flights or transfers and accommodation, is specially designed to facilitate personalized calendar of high-value business meetings between buyers and exhibitors

What Buyers Committing to?

Attend a minimum of 12 pre-scheduled meetings with matching exhibitors of choice during EXHIBITION

Both Hosted Buyers and Exhibitors must complete the online rating on the business matching platform after each meeting to log the meeting session.

Why join this program

Cost effective and time efficient way for Suppliers meet BUYERS

Priority access to exhibitor’s information prior to tradeshow days

Enjoy free flights, transfers or accommodation

Who qualifies?

Senior management and decision maker such as Chairman, President, CEO, General Manager, Managing Director, Senior Manager, Procurement Manager or Purchaser etc.

Industry leading buyers from FURNITURE and PROJECTS

Senior representative of companies and organizations.

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