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IFFINA – Indonesia Meubel and Design Expo is a prominent event for furniture, interiors, and design that serves as a vibrant platform for the showcasing of Indonesia’s qualified manufacturers and makers, featuring high-craft, home fabric, homeware, decorative & gift items, as well as projects and designs. This event has become apivotal hub for both local and international stakeholders in the global furniture industry and design sectors.

September Asian Furniture Interiors Design Event Circuit
IFFINA Sustainable Design

Sustainable by Design

As environmental awareness grows, sustainable practices are becoming increasingly important in all industries, including furniture design and manufacturing. Furniture made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials is becoming more popular on the market as consumers seek to reduce their carbon footprint.

In line with this commitment to sustainability, the upcoming IFFINA – Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo 2024 will showcase innovative and eco-conscious furniture designs and materials that are poised to reshape the furniture, interiors, and design industries.

Discover the latest trends and advancements in sustainable furniture at IFFINA – Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo 2024, where industry leaders converge to explore the intersection of creativity and environmental responsibility.


IFFINA – Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo is a new gateway to the country’s celebrated furniture crafts and design. The Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo is the perfect opportunity to showcase and discover designs inspired by Indonesia’s nature, brought to life by skilled artisans and manufactured by Indonesian companies. 

The trade show itself is positioned to integrated seamlessly into the revival of the furniture trade show in Indonesia, which has grown tremendously since the covid pandemic.

Interzum Jakarta IFFINA

The interzum SEA Showcase is set to make its debut at IFFINA-Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo, held from 14-17 September 2024 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Tailored specifically for the dynamic South East Asian market, interzum SEA Showcase invites you to discover the latest trends, cutting-edge technologies, and groundbreaking solutions within the realms of furniture production, woodworking machinery, and interior design industries.

Exhibit at IFFINA 2024

Exhibit at IFFINA 2024

Join IFFINA in 2024 to showcase your furniture and design masterpieces! Present your product highlights and seize this opportunity by applying now with our welcoming team at IFFINA 2024.

Save The Date !

IFFINA Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo is set to be held at ICE BSD Indonesia concurrently with interzum, scheduled for September 14-17, 2024. Be a part of the buzz – Make An Unmissable STOP!

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IFFINA 2024 Floorplan

Floor Plan 2024

Whether you are a trade buyer looking to stay ahead of the competition or simply seeking inspiration for your next project, IFFINA has something for everyone.

IFFINA Business of Designs

Business of Design Series

Next strategic direction with updated knowledge on market trends, sustainability aspects, design and marketing, creativity, and innovativeness at Business of Design conference and workshop series.