IFFINA– Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo is an international trade fair and design exhibition that engages manufacturers, suppliers, makers, designers, and other craftsmanship practitioners to showcase their quality work.

The fair has become a platform to view the development of the furniture and craft industry as well as engage in potential businesses in the industry.

For this year, 2024, IFFINA–Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo will adopt the theme of “Sustainable by Design”, as a response to the environmental awareness that is a consistently important issue in the design world. IFFINA–Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo will showcase innovative and creative eco-conscious designs from various brands.

This year will be the debut of a collaboration with interzum SEA where attendees can explore the latest trends, innovative technology, and materials for furniture production, woodworking, and the design industry in the growing market of Southeast Asia. In alignment with the big theme of IFFINA—Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo, interzum SEA also focuses on sustainability values, exploring ideal solutions for an eco-friendly environment in the industry.


One of the biggest events for Indonesian furniture and craft


local and international brands participated.


guests attended, with over 1,000 foreign visitors from 41 countries as varied as Spain, India, Turkiye, and the United States.


business enriching programs were held, encompassing product launches, discussions, keynotes, talks, and more.


Million USD

$200 Million was estimated to have been generated through transactions at the fair and follow-up orders.


interzum is the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design


interzum is the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design, and they showcase groundbreaking technology and revolutionary materials. As the provider of these innovative technologies and materials, interzum facilitates important business ventures in the furniture industry, globally. The trade fair is usually held in Cologne, Germany, and its 2023 edition boasted 62,000 trade visitors from some 150 countries, making it the global fair to be at for furniture production and interior design. This year, interzum will be holding a SEA showcase, which will be collaborating with us to provide the latest in the furniture and design industry in Southeast Asia. They will also be supporting our theme of “Sustainable by Design” by exploring sustainability values and solutions to existing problems to promote eco-friendliness in the industry. interzum SEA showcase invites you to explore cutting-edge solutions within ​the realms of furniture production, woodworking machinery, and ​interior design industries within the Southeast Asia region.

Join Our 2024 Fair

Attend one of the biggest events for Indonesian furniture and crafts, discover your next collaboration, and find the perfect pieces for your project. IFFINA—Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo 2024 will be a smorgasbord of brands that will fulfill your furniture and craft needs.

For Visitors

Attend one of the biggest events for Indonesian furniture and craft, discover your next collaboration, and find the perfect pieces for your project. IFFINA—Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo 2024 will be a smorgasbord of brands that will fulfill your furniture and craft needs.

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Join us as part of the fair and gain the chance to showcase and find an audience for your furniture or craft work. Stand tall and make an impact as part of one of the biggest exhibitions for Indonesian furniture and craft.


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The President of the Republic of Indonesia (2014-2024 period) himself, Joko Widodo, along with 3 Ministers of the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet, made an appearance and opened the fair.

In opening the fair, Mr. Joko Widodo delivered a speech that touched on the advantages Indonesia has in terms of raw materials and human resources, as well as the richness of our cultural arts, which become the capital needed for our crafts and furniture industry.

The 7th President of Indonesia expressed his belief that our furniture industry can once again flourish like it had in the 1990s through partnerships with other countries, which is what IFFINA facilitates.

While he recognized the importance of partnerships, Mr. Joko Widodo underlined that local players need to take control of the majority of the market, urging attendees to prevent the dominance of foreign brands and companies. He closed off his speech by putting the ball firmly in the attendees’ hands, opening the fair as a place where industry professionals can put into practice what he advised.


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    “For me, attending a furniture fair always excites me. It felt like I was returning to my ‘home’.”

    Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia

    “After I walked around, I saw everyone who joined this exhibition was happy. They got prospects for export and the local market. That’s what we (IFFINA) are, Horeca.”

    Dedy Rochimat, Chairman of ASMINDO

    “IFFINA's target for next year would be for us to capture more exhibitors, from ASMINDO’s member and non-member. So, the ecosystem is not about the furniture and craft only but the quality standard would be for export. “

    Anne Patricia Sutanto, Vice Chairman of Domestic Promotion & Marketing

    “When I heard about this event, I was so excited to see the furniture market.”

    dr. Tompi, Celebrity

    “It was a result of hard work. It was an achievement. “

    Yos Theosabrata, Founder of PT. International Accupunto

    “This year IFFINA got more holistic approaches. They have Horeca, also hospitality, which is much more aligned with today's needs.”

    Leonard Theosabrata, Director of SMESCO Indonesia

    “From day one, this expo already offers something different from any other expo.”

    Eugenio Hendro, Director of ADPII Cooperation Programme

    “Next year, I hope there will be more exhibitors, more new products in terms of material and finished goods. Also, more educational events about Indonesia's creative industry.“


    “For me as one of the exhibitors who joined IFFINA 2023, it was an incredible experience.”


    “Even though it was a design and meubel expo, we actually got a chance to gather a lot of the creative community and other creative practitioners.”


    “We can directly meet and talk to our buyers and also sellers, which is great.”


    “It’s the place to look for something high-end and special that I can see from time to time.”


    “IFFINA is a very good and interesting show. A lot of possibilities.”


    “I’m especially happy with the layout and the booth. Also, having the exhibitors willing to invest in decorating and representing themself.”


    “Basically, Indonesia has great potential. From raw materials, and in technology we are progressing. Also, the culture and tradition is very diverse. We have to love our own products first before everyone else loves it.”


    “Indonesia should be the melting pot for the South East Asia region.”


    “With this event, I hope UMKM can develop so much faster. We have to love our own products.”


    “My wish is for all my colleagues and friends who do furniture as well to join us to make this event even bigger.”

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